10 Cat Behaviors Explained To Humans

Feline attitudes can be extremely complex for their owners. For optimal understanding and understanding, animalsite.net deciphers 10 attitudes that speak volumes about the character of the cat.

1# It wags its tail

Unlike a dog, when a cat wags its tail quickly, it is generally a bad sign … This means that it is fairly annoyed, even deeply upset. Better to leave it alone in this case. On the other hand, if the tail moves gently from left to right, like a pendulum, it looks more like a “hello”, sometimes a request (for kibble for example).

2# He runs from one end of the room to the other

This is a behavior that is observed quite frequently in indoor cats. The latter, who do not have access to the outside, simply need to exert themselves and thus let off steam, running for long minutes, stopping then restarting abruptly. A kind of “business crisis” that is not worrying. The master should not, however, hesitate to stimulate his feline, especially through play.


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