12 Signs That Prove That Your Cat Loves You

If cats are not gifted, their behavior, however, speaks volumes about how they feel. It is thus very easy to know if a cat is happy with his master, by simple observation of his behavior. cats do not show their affection easily. Yet their wild side sometimes gives way to more obvious love demonstrations
But if you are still wondering if your cat likes you, learn to recognize some signs that do not deceive!

Here are 12 signs that prove that your cat loves you.

1# He rubs against you

If your cat is rubbing against you, it’s a good sign! Indeed, this gesture that may seem innocuous is a friendly gesture for him. When it rubs against you, on your legs or against your face, it emits pheromones (pheromones F4, which are the pheromones of friendship). When your cat catches them, he has a feeling of well-being.

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