4 years after the theft of a small puppy in the yard, the family received a phone call

4 years after the theft of a small puppy in the yard

Brother and sister Tony and Sara Torres found a dog covered in chewing gum in an alleyway near their backyard. The Phoenix siblings decided to keep the dog and appropriately named it “Chewy” both because of the gum but also because the dog liked to chew things. They invested money to get a microchip.

About six months after Chewy entered the life of the Torres family, he suddenly disappeared. The family believes that someone took the dog to their yard. After months that turned into years and despite all the searches for the missing dog, Chewy was never found.

“It’s difficult because after four years without seeing him, we just expected him not to come back,” Tony told local media.

One day, a good Samaritan turned into a dog for the Maricopa County Animal Care and Control. The dog was on the verge of death but had a microchip. It was Chewy.

The little dog had a broken jaw, an infection was beaten and had to have his leg removed. It was then that the people from the Two Pups Wellness Fund came to the rescue and paid all of Chewy’s expenses.

“My mom rushes to my room and says,” They found Chewy! “And I’m like Chewy, what is it?” said Sara.

In the four years since Chewy’s disappearance, the Torres family has adopted six other animals, so he will have a lot of love at home. The story is a good reminder of the importance of the microchip. Congratulations on the meeting, and we wish you a long and happy life, Chewy! Witness the beautiful meeting in the video below.

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