5 Reasons To Adopt a Black Cat

The black cat is the least adopted because its color is linked to superstitions related to bad luck. We tell you why you should adopt it!
Many studies claim that black cats are the least adopted in shelters and protectors only because of the color of their fur when linked to a multitude of beliefs and ancient superstitions related to witchcraft and bad luck.
However, they are one more feline who is not to blame for popular beliefs but who suffers them. Besides, they are tremendously beautiful, we just have to get rid of our prejudices and superstitions to realize.

Taking advantage of International Cat Day, we tell you 5 reasons to adopt a black cat.

1# Because they deserve a chance

Black cats are one more cat, exactly like a white, gray or multicolored one. However, most of the time they are the last ones to be adopted, seeing their life limited to live in a cubicle with limited resources or to wander around the street fighting to find something to eat and going cold in winter.

They, like any other animal that lacks all its basic needs, deserve a chance.

2# Look at your personality above the color

The personality of a cat is differentiated by different factors, some of its kind (Persian cats, ragdoll or Carthusian are meeker than Europeans), their way of being and their experiences (in the case of stray cats).

However, in no aspect does the color of the fur stand out as a significant element of the character of an animal, in the same way, that it is not with people.

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