6 Reasons Why Cats Love Bathrooms

Is your cat used to following you in the bathroom? Does he like to rub your legs when you’re there, or even lie down in the sink? And if you have the misfortune to close the door and leave it outside, it starts to meow and to scratch like crazy to be able to enter? Rest assured, this is not an isolated case. Many cats enjoy the bathroom. And there are several reasons for this.

1# They are fascinated by water

While it is accepted that most cats do not like to be wet, many of them like to be at the water’s edge. Indeed, water exerts a kind of fascination with them. It’s not uncommon for our feline friends to watch the water flowing for hours.

Some even go so far as to prefer to drink tap water, always fresh, rather than that of their bowl. Others even go so far as to drink from the bathtub or shower!

2# They do not support closed doors

By closing the bathroom door in front of your cat, you pique the cat’s curiosity. Indeed, cats like to know everything that is happening in their environment. And if there is something they cannot bear, it is not to be free to come and go wherever they want in their own territory.

Especially since the bathroom is a place where you do a lot of intriguing things for your cat. Showering, brushing your teeth, or even styling your hair can be particularly mesmerizing for the curious animal that is your cat.

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