6 viral videos of cats: meow and laugh!

Have you noticed that cats are the new protagonists of the virals that run through the internet and social networks? And is that the minions are as cute as funny and have taken over the screens of our computer, laptop, and cell phone, and make us want to share their fun experiences, with our friends and acquaintances.

That’s why we prepare a compilation with 6 viral videos of cats, in which we can laugh and melt with love, with our beloved felines. Enjoy these entertaining moments:

1# Cats vs cucumbers

The one who thinks that the only ones that don’t get along are cats and mice, or cats and dogs, is because he doesn’t know what happens between a cat and a cucumber. Some specialists explain that the fear of this vegetable is It is due to the simple reason that cats tend to be suspicious of the unknown; They even indicate that it could react in the same way to a spider or a toy fish. The truth is that it is a strange funny situation that has gone viral on the internet with thousands of videos that reflect the reaction of cats to this harmless vegetable:

2# Cats and water

This is another thing with which cats don’t get along very well. It is believed that it has to do with the fact that most of the races come from desert areas where they were not accustomed to the water. Anyway, to this day, when many years have passed since that history, cats still have the rejection of water. Here some fun moments:

3# Cats that behave like dogs

Cats and dogs are pets that behave very differently; That is why some prefer to have a feline and others a canine. But what happens when you have a cat that looks like a dog? Look at this strange and entertaining case of a cat that all it needs is to bark:

4# Cat or human?

And if some look like dogs, others look human. Cats take this video, sleep, eat, sit, stand and do many more things like anyone else. Is it true what they say pets look like their owners? These cats overpassed this saying:

5# The dancer cat

Sometimes cats have such sexy movements, enviable by anyone who would like to have the same mobility. Last year, a Japanese cat named Miruko became famous online for the grace he has to move. But Mirko has competition, the cat we’ll see next has fun and sensual hip movement. Let’s dance with him!

6# A cat that seems to speak

And we finished this compilation, remembering the famous cat that was the main protagonist of the viral videos of cats, due to his meow that it seemed as if he said the name “Raul”. Surely it is only his meow, but it seems to us that he is desperately asking for help from his owner, before the cruel fate of a bath in the tub.

Have you had fun moments with yours? How does your cat work? It is surely a lot of fun, share it with us here in the comments

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