8 Signs Your Cat is Sick And How to Make it Perfect

What are the telltale signs that your cat is sick? And what should you do? Here’s what your veterinarian wants you to know.

Everyone knows that cats run the house. Cats also do strange things, such as chopping hairballs, “singing” in the middle of the night, and sleeping like a rock. So how do you know if your cat is not feeling well? Look for some of the obvious signs that your cat is sick.

Since cats cannot speak – at least in human languages ​​- it is our job as cat owners to monitor and recognize the signs. You know the behavior of your cat. Changes in this behavior are usually an indication that we need to keep an eye on our feline friend.

Specifically, however, what are the signs that your cat is sick? And what should you do about it? Here’s what veterinarians across the country have to say about it.

8 Signs your cat is sick and what to do next

1# Change in appetite

Watch for changes in your cat’s appetite. There are a number of medical reasons why a cat may start eating less or more, from the parasite to dental problems. Contact your veterinarian and ask him to examine your cat.

2# Changes to the litter box

If your usually tidy cat begins to urinate outside the litter box, he may be mad at you or he may have a bladder infection. This behavior requires a trip to your veterinarian.


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