A touching conversation between a cat mother and her babies (Video of the day)

After her rescue, this cat’s mother began to talk to her kittens … then cracking the volunteers who take care of the family. They did not miss to take a video of the most adorable to meet us!

Cate, the mother of the young, was rescued and spoiled by Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue, to give her and her babies a second chance in life. Sheltered and warm in the shelter, Cate took the opportunity to take care of her kittens she pampered constantly … even going to talk with them!

“Cate is a very good mom for her six kittens … she is patient, dedicated and loving. These images prove the good relationship she has with them, “said Dr. Nworb’s KitsCats, who posted the video of the family on Youtube.

Today, all this small world has managed to find a home, the mother as the little ones. They will join their new family when the kittens are weaned!

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