Abandoned by her family for a younger dog, this bitch has a heartbreaking reaction

Seeing them leave, she begins to cry …

Two years ago, Cookie – a female Cocker – and a Labrador are found on the street in California and recovered by an association that supports them. Once inside the shelter, the dogs are examined and quickly identified. Their masters are then called on the spot to recover them, which they accept willingly.


Once there, the teachers agree to pick up the young Labrador about a year old but refuse to take over Cookie, who is 9 years old and whose medical care is much too expensive. They decide to leave without her, leaving him alone. Seeing his masters and Labrador’s boyfriend getaway, Cookie started crying.

Delivered to herself and abandoned, Cookie curls upon herself and waits for someone to come looking for a second chance in life and a new start. Operated several times to cure various tumors, Cookie was then placed in a foster home where she will spend the rest of her life, surrounded by love and joy.

An act of nice revenge for this bitch who asked nothing more than love.

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