Abandoned Dog Found Tied Up in Paws And Snout

When they left for another day of work in Robstown, Texas, USA, Carlos Carillo and a colleague at Shoreline Plumbing noticed that there was something unusual on the road they passed. They were not sure what it was about but decided to stop the vehicle and investigate.

To their surprise and shock, it was a dog that had been left to die cruelly. “We weren’t sure it was a dog at first. We reversed and saw that it was a dog after all. The poor animal’s mouth was taped and had been tied with a tube. He was clearly left to die, ”said Carrillo. Whoever did that, intended to let the animal die there?

The plumbers ran to free the dog. “He looked fine. He was very loving and liked the attention. It was probably there for a day, or even longer, ”said Carrillo.

Carillo took the dog to the Peewee adoption center, a local shelter. Even with what happened, the dog was completely happy and grateful for the help of the two men. “Look at this face. He knows he was saved, ”Carrillo wrote in one of the photos of the animal’s joy.

It was later discovered that the dog was in good health, despite being infested. “The tail does not stop wagging. He’s so sweet, ”commented a spokesman for Peewee’s Pet Adoption.

The soulless who so cruelly left the dog to die was not found, but at least thanks to these men the puppy will have a second chance in life.

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