An 18,000-year-old puppy has been found perfectly preserved in Siberia

An 18,000-year-old puppy has been found perfectly preserved in Siberia

The perfectly preserved body of a puppy has been found near the Indigirka River in Siberia. Scientists have not yet managed to identify his species, which seems to be a dog-wolf cross. If the identity is confirmed, it could be the oldest dog in the world.

The analysis carried out by the Swedish Center of Paleogenetics (CPG) in charge of the identification of the body did not make it possible to determine whether it was a dog or a wolf.

Still, whatever the nature of this creature, this discovery is extraordinary. Indeed, researchers find quite often animal bodies in the permafrost. But, often, by carrying out analyzes, they realize that the bodies are frozen there only for a few centuries or even decades. They patiently waited for the results of the “Siberian puppy”. The conclusion will, it is certain, surpassed all their expectations, the pup having 18 000 years.

Besides, the creature is extremely well preserved. So much so that the animal is covered with fur, except at the level of the ribcage. His teething is also perfect. The published photos also show that even his whiskers and eyelashes are intact.

Like Love, a professor of evolutionary genetics, says, “It’s quite special because you hold it and you feel it’s a dead animal very recently. But you think about it and it’s an animal that lived with cave lions, mammoths and woolly rhinos. “

The author of the photos of the body said that “it is an incredible feeling to see, touch and feel the history of the Earth. Imagine that this puppy was lying underground in the same pose and under the same conditions for 18,000 years without being disturbed at all. “

The little animal was named Dogor, “friend” in Yakut. According to the analyzes, he was about 2 months old at his death. But the mystery remains, is it a dog? From a wolf? From across?

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