Caring for your cat in winter

Caring for your cat in winter

Winter weather requires being well prepared, whether for humans or cats, for the latter, it would be interesting to consult a veterinarian to find out if your cat has any health problems that could reduce its defenses against the cold winter.

Cold dangers

In case of too intense cold, it is advisable to bring your cat inside if possible, an excessively low temperature can lead to the death of the animal if it stays too long outside without being able to find shelter.

Winter is also a significant cause of dehydration for your cat, so it is important to keep its bowl full and regularly check that its content is not frozen if it is placed outside.

If your cat starts to be a little older it will be important to monitor the air currents and ensure easy access to warm places.

Safety in winter

The cat, in winter, outside will seek warm places feeling more comfortable, so it will not be rare to find a cat under a car seeking heat. A blow of the horn or a blow of the hand on the hood will avoid an unfortunate accident…

We had already touched on it in the subject concerning the dog in winter but the antifreeze is also a significant danger for the cat at this time, its effects are fatal for this one. A cat will rarely approach it, unless, as indicated above, the outside bowl is empty, so it will simply seek to quench its thirst.

At the slightest ingestion of this product and you should urgently call your veterinarian.

Winter festivals, or more generally those taking place throughout the year are dangerous for cats, accidents due to firecrackers and/or fireworks are not uncommon, not to mention the voluntary acts of cruelty…

Think about it and pay attention!

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