Do you think your cat likes to be cared for by your nephew child? Experts explain what human behaviors irritate our cats most.

1# Tummy rubs

Tummy caresses are generally not welcome: “Most cats do not like to be caressed on the stomach,” says Dennis C. Turner, animal behavior researcher, who published what is considered the “bible The Domestic Cat: The Biology of his behavior. You probably never realized that cats did not like to be rubbed on the belly – just like you never knew these 10 things about cats. How can you say? “They will (try to) leave the stage or hit you with one of the front legs (with extended claws!),” He said, or they could bite (Turner points out that cat bites need to be thoroughly disinfected). Again, different cats have different preferences, says Kristyn Vitale, a postdoctoral researcher at Oregon State University, in the human-animal interaction laboratory. “Other cats love animals that caress their belly.

2# Interacting with strangers

It is also important to be aware of your cat’s reactions when an unfamiliar person wants to pet him – especially if this person is a child or someone who has not spent much time with cats. “One way to see if the cat is friendly to being a pet after meeting him, is to let him sniff your hand and then watch how he behaves,” says Vitale. “If they want to interact, they will probably approach you and adopt social behavior after snorting you, like rubbing you or trying to sit down with you.” She adds that if they do not want to interact, they usually go away or ignore, in which case it’s better to leave them their space.

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