Cats are adorable, not-so-friendly felines that seem to know exactly what it means to enjoy life’s easy living. Although these animals are undoubtedly great pets for humans (despite their meanness), imagine their owner’s surprise reactions when they arrive home from work to discover some of the most hilarious sleeping poses.

For instance, we all agree that yoga can be extremely relaxing. Sometimes, a calming yoga position can quickly put a person to sleep. As for this furry kitten, her favorite yoga pose has made her so relaxed, that it makes sense to take a nap while no one is looking.

Cat on Cactus

Many of us would never think that sleeping on a cactus would ever be a good idea. However, we are speaking of these devilish creatures called felines, which seem to possess special abilities to nap just about anywhere on in the world.

While this image may seem a bit disturbing, don’t worry, cats are smarter than we think! This intelligent ball of fur understands precisely how to make a cool bed out of this Pear Cactus when the weather gets too hot.

You won’t believe where this next cat seems to uncover as the coziest napping zone! Continued on Next Page!