Deaf Dog Missing in Springville, Please Share to Help Find Him!

Deaf Dog Missing in Springville

Heather Kenney has been frantically searching for her dog, Odin, who has been missing in Springville since last Sunday.

“My two dogs disappeared on Jan. 20 while I was trying to fasten harnesses on them. They ran through an open door while my husband was carrying wood in the house. This was at 9 a.m. The only sighting of them occurred two hours later. They were on Trevett Road in Springville, close to Wheeler Road, heading towards Genesee road. Our black dog, Luna, returned yesterday morning at about 7:30 a.m. Odin did not return with her.”

Odin is a 9-month-old all-white Mastiff. He weighs 80 pounds and was wearing a black harness with tags. He is completely deaf and special needs.

“I told my husband that he is my doggy soulmate. People always say that they have that one dog. To me, he is that dog. I am a wreck without him,” said Kenney.

If you see Odin, please call 716-560-3562. Do not call his name or chase.

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