Deep sadness after the death of my cat General

Good morning all,

That’s it, I’ve always been a passionate and loving cat, for my birthday my husband gave me a little cat aged 2 months that was called Luna. My little darling, who slept with us, very wise and clean, never any nonsense, she accompanies me in my travels, she took the train Paris Nice without complaining, in short, a love. I come home in the evening in a hurry to see her. I even go home for 5 minutes just to see if she’s fine and to kiss her. I am very very attached to her.

but unfortunately, two months later, she has eaten away from rats at her neighbor’s house, she began to shake, to poop, she agonized before my eyes. I was helpless, I ran to the nearest vet, he injected her, I do not know what and told me, that she was in a coma, that she had convulsions, and that 24 hours later she was going to make it. a little hope while I was in tears, she moved too much, her eyes lost in the void, her hair fell, she drooled.

No sooner am I getting into the car than she lowered her head. She died in my arms, she was dying in reality and this veto told me those silly things. I am very angry with him and his clinic. I took my baby and we buried her in our garden in her favorite scarf. it’s a pain, I spend every day in front and I watch. It’s going to be three weeks now, and I can not go overboard. I’m sick of it, I do not want anything.

I dream of her all the time, I have a ton of photos and video that I can not see anymore. I do not know how to pass, to forget. I try to tell myself that c that way, she lived with us, she brought us a lot of love, we too, we loved more than anything. she passed before everyone else. I am sorry, deeply hurt, the last images I have of her haunt me.

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