Dogs Breeds That Weren’t Meant For Your Home

All dogs breeds originally come from a common ancestor but have changed dramatically over the years. Genetic variance and selective human reproduction have greatly diversified what dogs look like and how they work. There are approximately 200 to 300 breeds of dogs depending on the dog club to which you are subscribed.

Some of the differences in appearance are small, but it comes down to what you’re looking for. Dogs aren’t meant to be kept as pets originally and even though some have been bred and trained to stay indoors, they don’t all benefit. These are the best dog breeds that veterinarians say were not intended for your home.

Chow Chow

The Chow Chow originally came from China and is one of the oldest dog breeds that we know of. They are known for their dark tongues and fluffy coats and usually come in a reddish color. It’s known as one of the most aggressive breeds that people keep as pets in their homes.

Chow Chows are incredibly protective of their owners and their territory and will show aggression to outsiders. This makes it difficult to keep at home, especially if you have a lot of visitors. They typically don’t warm up to strangers easily and can be dangerous to keep with other dogs.

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