I died today.
My only fault was that I was a breed dog and some humans used me again and again to earn money. I was bred over and over. I was starved until every bone in my body started showing. I was kept in a filthy cage and my babies were taken away from me and were sold.

At last, I was thrown away like a piece of trash saying that I was found on road. My breeder told the humans at the hospital to call him once I am better so that he can use me more.
I was abused, starved, chained because some ppl wanted my Puppies to show off their status.
I died today because u wanted my babies
Finally, I am at peace and I hope I never come back to this place.

For God’s sake stop buying pets from shops, stop encouraging breeders. Every time you buy, you encourage people to abuse dogs to go through this. Is your show off still worth it..!??

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Source-Animal Adoption and Care.