Family Dog Hit & Killed By Car After Escaping From Boarding Facility

Family Dog Hit & Killed By Car After Escaping From Boarding Facility

A family from Concord, North Carolina relied on the Poplar Tent Animal Hospital to board and care for their beloved dog, Charley. After returning from their vacation, the Malicki family came home and to learn horrific news.

Sadly, Charley was hit and killed by a car while in the care of the facility. Charley’s grieving owner, Catherine Malicki is in shock and doesn’t understand how this happened.

Malicki was told the dog’s cage was not properly locked and that a back door to the facility was left open. She spent time at the hospital asking questions and was shocked to learn they have no procedures in place for a missing pet.

“If we had all day yesterday and getting people out there early that would have made all the difference. I’m convinced of that and it will haunt me forever,” Malicki shared.

There were no cameras or alarms in place in the event a pet got out of their cage or the door. Malicki also learned there was no overnight attendant at the facility. She wants other pet owners to ask the right questions before leaving their pets behind.

Dr. Jeff Nynn of Poplar Tent Animal Hospital told local media, “Believe me, my heart aches over this. If I could back up time and go recheck that door, I would in an instant.”

More about this tragedy can be seen by pressing play on the video below.
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