Halloween: 6 precautions for your cat

Halloween and cats do not always get along well. And for good reason, this traditional pagan festival particularly popular in Scotland, Ireland, the United States or Canada is enough to scare our hairballs in the light of the nocturnal agitation it provokes. So that this evening unfolds without incident, here are 6 precautions to take for your beloved feline.

1. Watch his disguise

If you plan to disguise your cat on the evening of October 31st, you must make sure to do so with the utmost respect. So, make sure that the disguise does not in any way prevent your cat from breathing and that it does not hinder his movements. Your cat must be able to move naturally, without being disturbed. Besides, the costume must not include additional accessories, such as pompoms or a hat. Your pet could confuse them with toys and choke on them.

Finally, do not forget that animals, which are more cats, do not need to be covered, even in cold weather. Thus, your cat should not wear his disguise for more than a few minutes to avoid heatstroke. If you notice that he can not stand his suit, remove it immediately. And most importantly, you must never let go of the eyes once it is disguised to prevent your cat from clinging somewhere and choke!

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