‘Janus Kitten’, a little black born with two faces overcoming obstacles thanks to the care of a dedicated veterinarian

It is not every day that you encounter a two-faced kitten, even if you are a veterinarian very experienced in the field of felines. Dr. Ralph Tran had one of those rare encounters just over three months ago when a friend introduced him to a tiny kitten that his cat had just given birth to.

Tran was moving from one country to another from New York to San Diego when he had a puncture – and while he was waiting for help, he received an interesting text: his friend’s cat was coming to give birth to a “Janus kitten”.

“We were stuck only half an hour from where [my friend] lived,” Tran told PEOPLE. The woman’s cat had rejected the kitten entirely black, probably because of the child’s health, so that the newborn with both faces would need human care 24 hours a day to stay alive.

Fortunately, Tran has a lot of experience in the care of neonatal kittens, having previously worked at the ASPCA crib in Manhattan. He agreed to bring the kitten – which he quickly called Duo, for obvious reasons – on the road with him to join the rest of his cat menagerie (he has eight other cats, as well as several birds).

Tran did not know what to expect when he saw the kitten with special needs for the first time. “I did not know much about his condition,” he says. “I assumed she was a typical Siamese twin, but she is not.”

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