Owner Starves & Neglects Dog, Shamelessly Surrenders Him When He’s About To Die

Owner Starves & Neglects Dog, Shamelessly Surrenders Him When He’s About To Die


Toledo’s Lucas County Pit Crew has reported a soul-crushing animal abuse case involving a 9-month-old Pit Bull named Bogey. Bogey’s owners brought him to the shelter to surrender him in a near-death state. The emaciated dog had ulcerated holes in his eyes, and his right eye had ruptured due to extreme starvation.

The vet staff was appalled at Bogey’s unresponsive and delirious state. They were unable to draw out blood because he didn’t have much blood left. It was only when they put him on IV fluids for hours that they were able to get the blood for tests. The caretakers feared that the 18-pound dog wouldn’t make it through the night.

The shelter says they haven’t seen anything like Bogey’s dehydrated eyes. The poor dog is still critical and might lose one or both of his eyes depending on the damage. As of now, Bogey’s weight has almost doubled and he has started interacting with the humans around him. He is being monitored closely as he receives round-the-clock care.

Meanwhile, the Toledo Area Humane Society is investigating Bogey’s case of abuse, but they haven’t filed charges against the owners yet. If you have any information that can help aid this investigation, you can call the officers at 419-891-0705. Let’s not stay quiet and demand the arrest of the shameless owners on animal cruelty charges!

Click the video below to watch a report on Bogey’s horrible neglect cast and his current status.

WARNING: The contents of this video may be disturbing to some viewers.

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