10 signs that prove that your cat wants to kill you

If the Internet forces you to believe that cats are the cutest animals in the world, it is clear that they sometimes have strange actions. Fortunately, is there to take stock of their behavior and the significance of their actions. Because yes, the cat and makes it an ungrateful animal who wishes your death more than anything. The 10 signs that follow, prove that your cat wants to kill you. Be vigilant and watch every point of our list to try to survive the unhealthy attacks of your cat bastard.

1 #- Your cat stares into your eyes, closing his eyelids slowly.

He’s trying to hypnotize you. Above all, do not look away, it would mean that you submit to his authority, he would take it as a victory that would cause him to feel that he is about to achieve his goals. He would redouble his efforts to harm you.

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