31 Cats With The Craziest Fur Markings Ever
31 Cats With The Craziest Fur Markings Ever

verybody knows that cats are well known for being agile, but one thing you probably didn’t know is that cats are also masters of disguise.

Check out these furtive felines compiled by Bored Panda to see what we mean.

Whether they’re pretending to be cinnamon rolls, hipsters, chocolate chip cookies or even Adolf Hitler himself, there’s no limit to the lengths these cats will go to in order to pass undetected.

Which cat has the most distinctive fur patterns? Let us know in the comments below, and if you have any cats with unique markings then feel free to add them to the list!

#1 My Mil’s Cat With A Cat Shaped Spot

#2 My Cat Has A Spot That Kind Of Looks Like A Cat

#3 Kitten With A Heart-Shaped Marking

#4 This Is Boris, He Has A Tree On His Nose And A Black Toe.

#5 My Cat Looks And Acts Like Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde

#6 Aloha Wears Her Heart On Her Head!

#7 My Cat Has A Smiley Face On It’s Back

#8 Hyde Has White Eyeliner Around His Eyes.

#9 This Cat Must Have A Secret Identity

#10 My Cat Fur Pattern On His Nose Is In The Shape Of A Human Nose

#11 This Is Logan, The Cat Who Always Looks Pissed Off Due To His Markings

#12 Our Cat Chloé Has Freckles On Her Nose. It Seems Like A Ladybug!

#13 My Cat Has His Back Shaved For Surgery, His Hairs Regrown Black

#14 My Friend’s Cross-Eyed Cat Has A Big Heart

#15 Met My Mum’s New Cat Yesterday- She Has Some Interesting Markings

#16 My So’s Cat Has A Broken Heart On Her Legs

#17 Taika: A Cat With A Bunny Hugging From Behind

#18 I Think My Little Cat Looks Just Like A Husky Dog With Her Markings

#19 My Brother’s Friend’s Cat Has Quite The Mustache

#20 Met A Cat Today With Awesome Markings

#21 My Friend’s Cat Has The Assassins Creed Symbol On Her Face

#22 This Stray Cat I Let In Looks Like It Has A Broken Heart

#23 Cat Has Mew From Pokemon On His Back

#24 This Cat Has Scissors On Her Face

#25 My Cat Has A Cat On Her Back

#26 Kitty With Heart-Shaped Nose And A Tie

#27 A cat with a face divided into two colors

#28 Half Faced Trixie

#29 Cat Has An Almost Perfectly Shaped Love Heart On His Butt

#30 Cat With A Cat On His Back

#31 Hamilton The Hipster Cat

There are a lot of cats, with different fur patterns, you just have to choose the one that you love the most out of this. People tend to make a move when they see such kitties since their crazy markings excite us. Isn’t that right?

I’m imagining if they were human beings, what they would be doing. There’s no limit to these creatures. From these pictures, you’ll get to see these cats with distinctive fur patterns.

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