Your furry buddy needs your care and attention. Keep track of foods your pet eats. Not all products that are healthy for humans can be healthy for dogs. Here is a list of foods dogs should never eat.

1# Coconuts

Coconuts are full of beneficial components. But most of them are healthy for people only. Dogs should not be given coconuts because the amount of the essential oils and potassium in this plant is very high. If your dog eats even a little bit of coconut, the animal will suffer from diarrhea and vomiting. Large amounts are too toxic.

2# Chocolate

Do not give chocolate to dogs! Even tiny portions of this treatment can kill your pet. Chocolate contains methylxanthines that come from cacao. The darker varieties of chocolate contain even higher percentages of this component. Keep away your favorite dark, milk and even white chocolate from your buddy.

3# Coffee

Alcohol, chocolate, and coffee are some of the foods that contain methylxanthines. This chemical element is very toxic to dogs. Another minus is that coffee may disturb your dog’s sleeping patterns. Pay attention that sodas also have methylxanthines. Avoid giving your pet beverages that contain caffeine.