If you have a pet, these pictures will make you cry.

The captured photographs are so intense and heartbreaking that they have the power to show you how strong the bond humans and animals can create by living under the same roof.

Ross Taylor, the man who took the devastating photographs, titled the photo gallery “The Last Moments”.

He was pushed to do so when he noticed the mental state of his friend who was losing her mind because of the unfortunate decision she had to make because of her pet’s health problems.

The photos have been captured since the beginning of 2017. The masters live in Tampa Bay, Florida.

The euthanasia service was offered by veterinarians belonging to the Love of Lap movement. They provide service to pet owners for the peaceful performance of the death of a pet at the home of the owner.

Ross was deeply affected by the difficult journey a person had to undertake; after witnessing such moments of pain, he finds himself deeply submerged.

The Ross series describes the harsh agony caused even when it comes to the death of a pet. The possibility of emotional links with an animal is precisely personified on the captured photos.

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