Top 10 things that horses love above all else!


Did you believe that your horse prefers everything? That he is ready for anything for you, even giving up his treats? Think again! At Animal Site, we found 10 things that horses love above all else!

1# Horses love treats

This is the best way we know to divert his attention and enjoy it for him a little trick that he does not usually like … Neither seen nor known! No, because you have to admit that they are ready for anything for a carrot or an apple …

2# Balls and other things that roll

Do you think horses do not like to play? Horses love to play !!!! Good after, it’s a little more impressive than the little poodle granny trying to catch the ball, but the result is the same: hilarious!

3# Have your neck scratched

Like any living being, horses love massages. At home, the best area is the neck! No need to push like crazy, just scrape with your fingertips, and you’ll see that it’s possible to put a horse to sleep quickly.

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