Did you believe that your horse prefers everything? That he is ready for anything for you, even giving up his treats? Think again! At Animal Site, we found 10 things that horses love above all else!

1# Horses love treats

This is the best way we know to divert his attention and enjoy it for him a little trick that he does not usually like … Neither seen nor known! No, because you have to admit that they are ready for anything for a carrot or an apple …

2# Balls and other things that roll

Do you think horses do not like to play? Horses love to play !!!! Good after, it’s a little more impressive than the little poodle granny trying to catch the ball, but the result is the same: hilarious!

3# Have your neck scratched

Like any living being, horses love massages. At home, the best area is the neck! No need to push like crazy, just scrape with your fingertips, and you’ll see that it’s possible to put a horse to sleep quickly.

4# Horses love to test your limits

You thought you knew how to do everything, to have seen everything? Well no! There is a horse that resists you, and he does it well! From the beginning of the course, Monsieur refuses to gallop, it was even tedious for him to trot. Not that he is lazy. He just decided he did not want to make you happy! Because when your girlfriend gets on it, there is no problem!

5# Cats, the best friend of the horse!

Cats and horses get along very well! It must be said that felines are fond of this means of transport that allows them to move without too much fatigue. For our friends the horses, the cat is a great help in scraping the most complicated areas

6# Splash her rider

After a work session, you bring all your horse to have a drink in the trough. And that’s when he decides to splash you royally! Why? Because it’s funny! One wonders if this is not a backdoor way to take revenge on us …

7# Roll in the dust

Nothing beats a good ride in the dust, or mud preferably, after a shower or just a work session! First, because it removes parasites, then because it’s funny to see his rider break down and shout “But I had showered you, you were all handsome! “The horses are very teasing!

8# The moment when they are brought food

If they are in the box, they will neigh as much as they can! No, because it would be that we do not forget them! And if they are in the meadow, you will see a horde of horses coming at full gallop, suddenly very interested by you (well by what you bring them).

9# Horses love buddies

A single horse is unhappy! You must NEVER separate two good friends, otherwise, you will hear them neighing at the other end of the stable! We had it at My Horse Family with two ponies! Watch the video by following this link.

10# Farting on her rider

We reassure you, they do not put us all the time! But if there is a moment when they love to do that, it is during the curettage of the feet!