Say Hello to the Blue Mountain Bird, a Fluffy Miracle of Nature that Mimics the Color of the sky

Nature took the blue mountain birds a little too literally and colored them to match where they really belong – the fascinating sky! This tiny beauty really captivates with the vibrant sky blue color of her feathers and even looks like the Twitter logo!

We are always on a mission to bring more beauty to your life and this time we have a special little bird to help us.

The mountain bluebird mainly inhabits the western region of North America and can be found in prairies or in places where the prairie meets the forest. If you want to witness it yourself, install a birdhouse as they will gladly make it their home.

Say hello to the blue mountain bird, a fluffy miracle of nature that mimics the color of the sky

These small cuties rarely reach more than 8 inches in length, and most of them measure approximately 6 to 8 inches and weigh approximately 1 oz.

There is a visible difference between the male and female species of the bluebird from the mountains. These are the males that display vibrant sky blue and white colors, while the females are predominantly gray-brown and have small blue spots on their wings. Handsome guys also take good care of their ladies. Each time the female incubates, the male brings food and feeds his companion. How cute?

Fun fact: Idaho and Nevada have declared blue mountain birds a state bird. What a great choice!

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