Science Says Being a Cat Can Be Good for Your Health

Most of us are huge fans of cats and would play with them for hours. And it’s no wonder we love them so much! After all, they can be good for us and our well-being and can even make our lives healthier and happier.

is here to share all the positive effects that cats have on us and maybe at the end of the article, some of you will become cats.

1# Cats can help heal bones, tendons, and muscles.

Hearing a cat purr is a really nice feeling because it means your furry friend is comfortable and happy, but that same purr can also have healing effects, according to this study and this infographic, which explains it in a simpler way.

To sum things up, cats purr at a frequency of 20-140 Hz and the study above suggests that frequencies between 18 Hz and 35 Hz have positive effects on our joints after an injury.

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