She Leaves Her Dog For 9 Years in The Cellar in The Ardennes – she is Tried for “Simple Negligence”

She Leaves Her Dog For 9 Years in The Cellar in The Ardennes
She Leaves Her Dog For 9 Years in The Cellar in The Ardennes

It must be said and repeated, especially during parties when many offer a cute puppy or kitten which may then be abandoned when grown-up: an animal requires responsibility, respect, and love. On February 5, 2020, we will know the verdict of the Charleville-Mézières police court for an act of animal negligence.

The photos hurt your heart. Rex is a 13-year-old dog. This Yorkshire and French Bulldog crusader has a difficult history. He was found and rescued by the animal protection association LISA on November 22, 2017, as she indicated on her Facebook account.

The association had received reports of an abused dog. On the spot, the volunteers discovered Rex, then 11 years old. He was locked in a cellar, without light and covered with excrement.

His coat was just a heap of coagulated hair. The poor animal had spent 9 years locked up in these conditions. The association took care of it. These are 3 kilos of hair that were removed and it took 3:30 hours of work to groom it.

Then Rex found a new home. He was renamed Bob and was adopted by Chantal, a retiree from Lille, who gives him all the love and attention he needs.

But the story does not end there. The association has indeed denounced the former owner of Rex and it has finally gone to court. Rex was only two years old when he was sent to the cellar because he was gnawing at the furniture. She took him down to eat and drink.

“I didn’t know that he had to be given a stick to get his teeth done […] We avoided taking him out in front because we were ashamed of his physical condition”.

Defense counsel said the dog was allowed outside in the home garden during the day, but no more. The former owner acknowledged the negligence but explained that she did not have the financial means to take care of it more. Unemployed, she receives only 408 euros per month from her late husband’s survivor’s pension.

She also indicates that she could not abandon him at the SPA because he had to pay and that she did not know that other associations, such as LISA, could have taken charge of it for free. The lawyer for LISA requests that this case be referred to the criminal court because it is an act of cruelty.

For the time being, the court is only ruling on a case of negligence. The association asked for 1000 euros in damages and the ban for this woman to have another animal. The prosecution has asked for an additional 550.

On February 5, the court will rule. Caring for an animal is a financial expense, it is not easy for people with meager incomes. The important thing is the well-being of the animal and in this case, it suffered. Thank you to the LISA association for acting and saving Rex / Bob!

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