The Dog Brings Favorite Toy to Family Baby Every Time he Cries

The Dog brings favorite toy to family baby every time he cries

Watch out, cute dog! This sweet dog brings his favorite toy to the baby in the family every time he starts to cry.

Dogs and children can form incredible bonds almost as soon as they meet. The Dodo explained the case of Brutus, a generous dog and his human little brother named Kayden. They’ve loved each other since little Kayden came home. He is the only one who can play with Brutus’ favorite toys!

When you have a dog and are expecting a child, you may at some point fear that things will go wrong once the baby is born. Some dogs are very possessive and may see this newcomer as a threat and/or be jealous of it. But for the Michalek family, there was nothing to worry about.

“He (Brutus) has always loved children. Whenever he hears children laughing, he is excited,” said Kayden’s mom Bonnie at The Dodo.

And from the moment the parents arrived home with little Kayden, it was clear: he was going to become Brutus’ new best friend! Just watch the adorable video below of their first meeting.

Since that day, they haven’t left each other. Brutus is also the best at comforting little Kayden when he is upset. As soon as the little one cries, Brutus always finds what always puts him in a good mood: his favorite toy of his own!

After all, although breast milk is probably what Kayden needs the least, it is a very warm gesture from Brutus!

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