The oldest cat in the world is 30 years old! What is his secret of longevity?

The oldest cat in the world is 30 years old! What is his secret of longevity?

Rubble has just celebrated his 30th birthday, which certainly makes him the oldest cat in the world!

Rubble is a beautiful Maine Coon who, incredible but true, has just turned 30 years old. He has been living in England with his owner Michele Foster since May 1988:

When it was adopted, Rubble was still a tiny kitten. He was part of a litter that had been a friend of Michele’s sister. The young woman herself came of age 20 and left the family cocoon. Single, she had decided to welcome this little cat to keep him company. She would never have imagined that Rubble would live so long by her side!

Love: the secret to making your very old cat live

Yet, Rubble is indeed 30 years old. His secret of longevity? Love, of course! “If you love someone and you care about him, it can take a very long time. I have always treated him as a child, “said the happy mistress at boredpanda.com. Michele herself has never had a child, which explains the attention given to Rubble. Note however that a second cat shared his life (and that of Rubble): his name was Meg and lived 25 years, age also exceptional!

From the top of his 30s, Rubble is a happy cat who is still full of life, even if his mistress confesses that he is also a little “grumpy”. He has high blood pressure but has a treatment that stabilizes him. Apart from that, he is in good health.

To date, the oldest cat in the world known to the general public is Creme Puff, who has lived 38 years. Died in 2005, he is, according to the Guinness Book of Records, the cat has lived the longest. Rubble still has a long way to go to dethrone him, even though he is, to this day, the oldest cat still alive. However, his mistress does not intend to introduce him to the Book of Records: “He is old now and would not like to have too much attention on him, we prefer that he live his old days quiet, in peace She said.

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