The Southeast Asian Dog And Cat Meat Trade

The Southeast Asian dog and cat meat trade

Every year, millions of dogs and cats die incredibly brutal deaths for the dog and cat meat trade in Southeast Asia. Many of them are beloved family pets, stolen from their yards or snatched while wandering outside.

Stray dogs and cats are also taken from the streets or temples where monks look after them. These animals are transported over long distances in unimaginable conditions. Crammed together on trucks or on the back of motorbikes, many suffer from broken bones, exhaustion, and heatstroke before reaching their final destination at slaughterhouses, markets, and restaurants. Their journey always ends with a horrific death, often by drowning, bludgeoning or being torched alive. We have made it our mission to stop this cruel trade and are working closely with local governments and charities to actively combat this practice.

Our team also educates the public on the brutality of dog and cat meat. This trade is not only incredibly cruel but also poses a significant human health risk. The capture, slaughter, and consumption of dogs from areas where rabies is common can be extremely dangerous to people – consumption can even be deadly.

We want to end the inconceivable suffering of millions of animals but we need your help. Together, we can fight against this cruel trade and ban it from history books.

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