The uncle searched for the dog for the 3 days it disappeared. Let Ho be happy when he finds it in the fox nest.

Manly does not shed tears for others to see easily. Except that they are really important issues Like this uncle cried when he saw the missing dog.

Alan Whitton was adopted by 1-year-old Jack Russell when Mitzi died before his death. Since then it is like his beloved cornea

But one day while he took the dog for a walk in the park An unexpected incident occurred, causing it to run away and completely disappear.

He said: “It happened at 8:30 am on Wednesday while we walked in the morning. We walked to see a woman who had brought 2 dogs, one of which is a Basset Hound dog wearing Christmas clothes.

His leash had fallen out of that woman’s hand. So he chases Mitzi until he runs away. “That made Alan decide to look for it for a long time. Until the sun went down, so he had to go home without it


The next day, Alan came to find Mitzi again, asking everyone who passed by there. As well as posting an announcement looking for it in that area but that day he still didn’t see it as usual

The next day, Uncle came out to look for a dog again. But he is already desperate to find it Until he learned the clue from one of the dog owners around

He said: “She said that during this time, her dog likes to sniff the hole, which is a fox nest. Which normally doesn’t do that at all I then went to check there. “

When Alan approached the fox’s nest He heard a yelping cry. Of dogs from inside He, therefore, hopes that it may be the Mitzi.

He then started digging the fox’s nest to find the dog immediately, as people around saw what he was doing. Many people came to help him. Although some people may not be able to help, they still come and give support nearby.

After digging a hole, Alan finally met Mitzi who had disappeared for three days. He immediately cried with joy, without being shy to the person watching.

He described after seeing it that “At the time I met it I let out a relief. Previously, I felt hopeless. But it’s like a miracle on Christmas that made me see it again “

Watch the deepest moments Uncle finds the dog in this clip.

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