The Woman ’s Car is Too Conspicuous. The Orange Cat Leads a Lot of Friends to “Carry The Car.”

The woman ’s car is too conspicuous. The orange cat leads a lot of friends to “carry the car.”

If you can bring happiness to a small animal with something, you will be happy then.

It is said that when a life’s food and clothing problem is solved, I think about how to enrich my spiritual life. It’s like domestic cats who don’t worry about eating and drinking worry about what to play every day. As long as they can bring interest, they will definitely chase.

The same is true of stray cats. When they solve the problem of food and clothing, they will need more spiritual happiness than domestic cats, and sometimes they will actively approach humans.

“Sir, so many little friends have been called this year?” Wei Shi, the shoveler, was teasing towards the orange cat in the group of cats in front of her. Her car has already become a good place for these cats to collectively snore. She has already No wonder.

These 7 cats are all nearby stray cats, but slightly different from other stray cats, they like to squat on the red car lid to rest. Even when they saw the owner Ovia approaching, they at most raised their eyelids and looked at them lazily.

Vija knows she can’t use her car again this time, because when the orange cat she called Sile leads the rest of the stray cats to the car cover, she can’t bear to drive these snoring little cutes away Otherwise, send a circle of friends, hahaha.

And this is not the scene that Via only saw this year. Whenever winter comes in the year, Sear will “snap” her car with some stray cats. If these stray cats didn’t come every day, Vija was afraid that she would often be unable to use her car.

All this has to do with the orange cat Sear. It was the first stray cat to find this pink body car, and when Via got out of the car to caress it, he took the initiative.

Vija also only named Sil, because Sil impressed her so much, for this she had the idea of ​​adopting Sil. It was only because Sil seemed to have little interest in the room that she had to bring food to Sil often.

In the beginning, Sear came to Via ’s car very frequently. In addition to arriving every afternoon, she would climb up and squat for a while. That is, Sear particularly liked this car, only then did it take away more and more stray cats to snooze together.

And all this was seen by Vija. She thought that Shir would not share her car, but within a few days, when she was going to drive out, she found that there were two stray cats beside the car. Looked at her car with an eye-catching look.

One of the stray cats was Sear. He stood in front of the other stray cat, turned his head to look at the car cover, and then sniffed his friends with his nose. It was like saying, “Look, brother, this is the cat bed I told you was too comfortable to sleep in the sun. “

And this is just the beginning of Xier bringing friends to play. It is like a kid showing off his beloved toy. As long as the stray cat brought by him feels the same fun as it, he will be like it. Reluctant to leave.

So under Wiea’s own witness, the cat on the car cover gradually changed from one to seven. And basically every time there is a stray cat in the car cover snooze, it is like a “promoter”. Only when it is on the car cover can these stray cats not be seen The strangers went away.

Vija felt that the color of her car must be too eye-catching, and this was loved by the stray cats brought by Sil. A friend of hers parked her car next to her car and wanted to see if these stray cats would climb up. Of course, no stray cat was willing to lean on.

Of course, the car cover that is so popular with stray cats is certainly not just that Sil brought these stray cats like it. During the period, there were three other stray cats to “grab the land.” Vija would never see Sear in her car.

At present, a maximum of 7 stray cats can be left on the car cover. If there are more than two or three stray cats, some embarrassing things will happen. Sil once called ten stray cats in one breath, all of them lying on the cover of the car like a “cat sticker” for the car.

If we can understand what the cat is saying, we might hear how Sear brought these stray cats.

Hahaha, it really is good to have a beautiful car, even if the cats can be attracted, they just got into the car. Back to Sohu,

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