These were the last photos shared by Caroline Flack before her tragic passing.

Caroline Flack
These were the last photos shared by Caroline Flack before her tragic passing

Caroline Flack dies: Love Island presenter dies at 40

News the host Love Island died Saturday afternoon, with The Sun reporting that she was found dead in her apartment.

She recently gave up presenting Love Island’s very first winter series after being charged with assault after an argument with boyfriend Lewis Burton.

Flack was last in court in December when she pleaded not guilty of assault. She was out on bail and awaiting trial to start on March 4.

The TV star also featured The X Factor and I’m A Celebrity: Extra Camp.

Burton shared a happy photo with his girlfriend on Valentine’s Day, while Caroline’s recent Instagram post was a series of photos of her with her dog.

Caroline Flack

Striking joyful poses with her dog you would never off been able to tell the pain and struggle behind that beautiful smile.

So firstly let me remind you all that, you simply NEVER know what someone is going through or feeling on the inside, behind a smile.

And secondly realize the impact of your words and what you say about others because bullying in any form is cruel and evil and if true, this proves that it can have a fatal effect.

So in a world where you can be anything, I beg you to please be kind. It costs absolutely nothing and can save lives.

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