They buy a cat tree, which is what their cat makes them die of laughter

A cat tree rather practical.

Lilou joined his family when he was only 8 weeks old and has always been a very curious and mischievous cat. But his masters love him for that.

“One time I was snoring and he wanted to check where the strange noise came from. I was awoken by a cat who put his muzzle in my mouth! “

But what Lilou loves more than anything is to be with his masters. So when his mistress offered him a cat tree, Lilou used it in his way: to be with his masters during meals, pile up at the right height.

Once the beautiful days arrived, the family of Lilou decided to have lunch on the balcony. But it took more to discourage the matou now accustomed to taking all his meals with them. Since he could not take advantage of his cat tree to be at the table with his teachers, Lilou waits every time someone gets up from his chair to get into it!

It is now a ritual for Lilou who takes the chair of his mistress as soon as she gets up and even takes the opportunity to taste a little what is on his plate. Especially when it comes to chicken or fish.

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