This Veterinarian Has Posted Explanations For 12 Common Cats Behaviors, And The Result is Hilarious

While dogs often have their hearts on their paws, cats are generally more mysterious animals, but these fifteen illustrations will undoubtedly help you decode the most common behaviors of your feline friend.

Created by Adam Ellis, the images below were spotted in a veterinarian’s office by a user named Jordan, and as you can see, this veterinarian has very bubbly humor.

1# The back simmering, ready to pounce:

“Experts,” say: Cats move back and forth to position themselves for the perfect attack.

The truth: Cats have satellite transmitters in the rear and must recalibrate them regularly to receive transmissions from their mother planet.

2# Rolls left and right on the mat:

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The “experts” say: Your cat is submissive or invites you to play.

The truth: Your cat has eaten bad Thai food and is wriggling with pain. Stop giving him Pad See Ew.


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