What a Sleeping Position Can Reveal About Your Cat

Cats have lived side by side with humans for about 9,500 years, but there is still a lot we don’t know about these mysterious creatures. Our adorable feline friends can’t speak to us directly, so we need to find a way to read their signals. Fortunately, their body language can reveal a lot about their intentions and true feelings.

believe we may have cracked the code of what our pets are trying to tell us with their behavior and we would like to share our findings with you.

1# A curled-up position

What it means: “I’m trying to sleep but I’m not completely comfortable there.”

While this sleeping position may seem incredibly comfortable and safe, it actually means that a cat is detecting danger and trying to protect its vulnerable parts of the body. The cat hides its belly and swings its tail around its body. This position of the body also allows the cat to better maintain its body temperature, so it is a good option for a cold day.

2# A loafer or a sphinx

What it means: “It’s so nice to be there.”

The sleeping position of the moccasin means that a cat is quite satisfied with its environment and takes full advantage of it. He is not ready to run away or submit, because the cat sees no threat. The cat feels happy and shines with happiness. This position also saves the energy that the cat’s body must spend to warm up or cool down.

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