Why do cats sleep so much every day?

Why do cats sleep so much every day

Cats sleep about 15 to 18 hours a day, which is two-thirds of their lives. In other words, sleep is essential for our feline friends. The oldest and youngest can even sleep up to 20 hours a day, that is to say! And if your adorned ball of hair wakes you up at night, it’s not out of spite but because it has inherited the nocturnal way of life of its wild ancestors who slept during the day and who went out at night to go hunting. This explains the fact that cats can see in the dark as in daylight. But why do they need so much sleep?

1. To conserve their energy

It is to conserve their energy that cats sleep as much. Indeed, it allows them not to exhaust themselves unnecessarily. Especially since life in the wild is not easy: it is necessary to hunt each day to feed and feed its young but also to be constantly alert. Indeed, nature has many dangers and you must be in good shape to hope to survive!

And even though domestic cats do not need to hunt for food, they have kept this ability to sleep during the day and to wake up at night. Indeed, it is genetic behavior that they have inherited from the lifestyle of their wild ancestors. Moreover, sleeping a lot and thus saving the energy spent allows our feline friends to age less quickly and therefore live longer.

Besides, cats do not sleep a deep sleep. Attentive to the slightest noise, they often only sleep with one eye. Their eyes are also generally ajar. They, therefore, need a lot of sleep to fully recover.

2. To keep warm

If cats sleep a lot, it is also to keep the maximum body heat. Indeed, they cannot warm up as well as us and, in cold weather, in particular, sleep is the only way to stay warm. To do this, the felines lie down by wrapping their tails around their bodies.

3. To fill the boredom

Cats are animals that need to be constantly stimulated, physically but also intellectually. Thus, if they spend all their day alone waiting for their humans to return from work, it is normal that they sleep to fill the boredom. This is also the reason why many felines wake up their humans in the middle of the night: they have not tired during the day and therefore need to spend. If your cat has the unfortunate tendency to wake up at night, you should try to devote an intensive amount of time in the evening before going to bed.

Likewise, when it’s raining or cold outside, cats tend to sleep more.

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