Why does my cat wake me up at night?

Why does my cat wake me up at night

You like your cat, it’s a fact. But when he spends all his nights doing everything to wake you up from meowing and pawing on the face, not only do you hate him, but you do not understand why he does that. To annoy you? Get revenge? Answers.

A twilight animal

It’s no secret that the cat is a twilight predator. Heavy sleeper (up to 18 hours a day), it is at dusk and sunrise that he goes hunting and all his senses are awake. At home, this hunting time is replaced by playing time.

So when he comes to play with your feet under the duvet while you sleep, he simply meets his natural needs and respects his own pace of life.

Besides, if your cat spends his day sleeping and bored, it will be all the better in the evening. This is particularly the case of cats living in an apartment that does not have the opportunity to go out to let off steam on something other than you after dark.

The fault of bad habits

Another reason your cat wakes you up at night is that he knows that you are going to meet all his needs in a snap, as a good slave you are. As you know, at home the cat is king, and when Monsieur is hungry, it seems normal to him to come and ask you to eat at any time of day and night. Do not blame him, he does not realize he’s disturbing.

The problem is that if you give in to his unwanted meowing just once and get up to give him some kibble, a caress, a brushstroke or to open the door, he thinks he has found a way to be served when he needs something.

In reality, the only thing to do is to ignore it (this also includes not screaming and not slipping in his direction to silence him). After a while, he will get tired all alone and will stop bothering you.

Also, be careful not to feed him when you wake up. Dress up, have breakfast and give him his mash. He must understand that you decide the mealtime, not him.

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