Why Your Cat Is Waiting for You by the Door When You Come Home

Cats are well known for being independent pets, but that doesn’t mean they don’t show affection or care for their owners. It all started with the agricultural boom in central China when people started to see cats as useful animals – because they were excellent at controlling rodent damage.

Many years have passed and now there are many cat lovers around, and although these pets are considered a cold heart, they have their own way of showing affection.

we decided to find out the reasons why cats can know when you get home. And we wanted to share them with you.

They can hear you.

No wonder your cat knows exactly when you are about to enter your home, it has excellent hearing, can detect a wide range of frequencies and hear sharper sounds than humans, and in fact, most dogs.

So when you park in your garage or take the elevator, they know it because they can hear you. Over time, they associate that specific sound with your arrival and are ready to say hello. And that brings us to the next reason why your cat is near the door waiting for you when you get home.

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